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ADA Gang



Meet the ADA Gang


     This Mötley Crew, is all about the Homie Coins. They spend most of their time stacking Homie Coins and chillin. They stack Homie Coins because that’s the only way to get by in this Hood. You want somethin’, it’s gunna cost you Homie Coins.  Luckily, they get their daily allotment of Homie Coins, to get them by. They get 10 Homie Coins daily, and collect them on a weekly basis. 


     If you want a Bad Ass Whip, A sick ass Gat, or to bring a Baby Homie into this world, That all costs Homie Coins.  Breeding/Adoption will require Homie Coins and two gang members.






Project manager compiles 7500 male characters and 2499 female characters.

Project manager uploads images to back end developer to compile meta data for each NFT. All 9999 NFTs will be unique.


 Back end developer creates NFT vending machine that randomly distributes ADA Gang NFT.



 Run a test mint to verify all aspects of vending machine and Homie Coin distribution function properly.

We will mint 4 NFTs for first test.

4 NFTs for second test.

And so on. 

Each Developer will eventually receive 10 NFTs (total of 40 minted) once all tests are completed.



If Test Is Successful, We will draw 4 discord followers, randomly, for ADA Gang NFT give away.



We will send NFT to selected winners. (edited)




We will draw 2 random discord members for an ADA Gang NFT give away.



We will send the winners their ADA Gang NFT.



Minting of remaining ADA Gang NFTs will be open to public.


 Once ALL 9999 ADA Gang NFTs have been minted we will randomly select 11 ADA Gang NFTs for Prizes.

 7th-11th place will get 100 ADA

 6th place gets 500 ADA

 4th and 5th get 1k ADA

 3rd place gets 2k ADA

 2nd place gets 3k ADA

 1st place gets 4k ADA

 For a total of 12k ADA given away (current value $27k) (edited)

     Once ALL ADA Gang NFTs are minted, voting by ADA Gang members will begin on distribution of 10% of the projects profits to  5 separate charities. Each NFT = 1 vote. 

 The distribution will be by RANK CHOICE VOTING, meaning every one will get a donation, but the distribution will be WEIGHTED  based on votes they receive.

     After 7 days of voting, The distribution will be tallied and paid out to charity.

     14 days after charitable donations are distributed, We will be announcing a special, limited series minting of 1000 ADA Gang NFTs  that can only be obtained with Homie Coins.

     21 days after the announcement, minting will be open for the limited edition ADA Gang NFTs.

     There will be 2 more MAJOR minting and at least three Limited Edition Mintings done after this.

     After the second, GENERAL, NFT minting, we will be working on GAMIFICATION. 


     There are several ideas the developers are working on for the gamification. One of them includes getting involved with the up and  coming development of a meta verse (think sand box, decentraland, type thing) on the cardano block chain.

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