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ABOUT Ada Gangs

We came up with the concept of ADA Gang after our project manager researched several NFT projects from various platforms. The project we appreciated the most, and therefore emulated, was CyberKongs. The CyberKongs tokenomics and roadmap was what appealed to us the most.


We Loved the idea of a native asset in the ecosystem so we came up with Homie Coins. Homie Coins are the equivalent of, conceptually, Cyberkongs Bananas.


All ADA Gang members will be able to claim their Homie Coins daily with the minimal transaction fees required by the Cardano Network. The Homie Coin rewards are cumulative, so you can start collecting them after 24 hours of receiving. To minimize transaction fees, we recommend claiming at least 7 days after they have accumulated. But you are free to claim every 24 hours if you desire.


How Much are Homie Coins worth?

Technically their value is subjective. There is not a pinned value to them. They are going to be used in the ADA Gang ecosystem for things, such as: 

  • Minting limited edition NFTs, that can only be obtained with Homie Coins.

  • Breeding and adoption. You can get Baby Homies only with Homie Coins.

  • Gaming. We will be instituting several gaming scenarios including GANG WARFARE and CASINOS where you can gamble your Homie Coins to possibly win more,…or lose them.


ADA Gang is the first series of NFTs. There will be a couple limited drops between series. These limited drops will only be for ADA Gang Members who hold ADA Gang NFTs. When those drops happen, you will be able to mint with homie coins ONLY. If you have 1 ADA Gang NFT you will get 10 Homie coins per day.that means if the special mintings are 600 Homie Coins, you will need to wait 60 days to mint. The bigger your gang, the more opportunities to get the chance to obtain these limited mintings: 

  • 1 Gang Member = 600 Homie Coins after 60 days 

  • 10 Gang Members = 600 Homie Coins after 6 days

The next Planned Drop is 60 days after ADA Gang mints all 9999 NFTs. That will be a limited drop of 1000 NFTs, only obtainable with Homie Coins. It will be ADA Gang BOSSES.


The future of ADA Gang is bright. We have already purchased land in Pavia NFTs with the intent of building in the meta verse as well.


I am envisioning:

  • A Virtual Casino

  • The Hood… a virtual neighborhood with ownership of homes, stores, ball courts and parks.

10% of all profits will go to charity. The project manager will be re-investing a large portion, 50% to 60% of the profits into the second and third stage of this series. The design and implementation of VR gaming in the meta verse is not cheap….and we are quite a ways from getting there on the Cardano Blockchain….but this is a long term project.

The AdaGangs Policy ID is:


Homie Coins Policy ID is:


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